GET UP! FLAIL YOUR ARMS! DANCE LIKE A FOOL! get out of your comfort zone and dance your face off to this amazing new tune! 


Matt Longo - Level-Headed Man

This folky single doesn’t dress itself up much. It’s an ordinary suit that looks at you earnestly with a sweet n’ simple bouquet of daisies - there’s no bling in this. Let it get past the big change - there’s a false ending in there where you thought you were turned down, let down, put down.  But Matt picks it up again, swings you into the arms of a catchy hook and carries you home.

Check out his awesomely cover art’d Coward EP up on Bndcmp.

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Ever have that music A.D.D moment on your ipod where you are searching through thousands of songs and after skipping 247 you finally find that one that suites your mood completely? Yesterday I finally stumbled upon Band of Skulls, a band I should have paid way more attention to from the beginning. With hints of The Dead Weather, this new age classic rock group is setting a high standard for albums this year. Perhaps its that catchy twang sound that keeps me rocking out down the highway. Without a doubt, their new album Sweet and Sour is going to be the new thing, maybe even better then the Black Keys’ El Camino. Well done Band of Skulls. I look forward to seeing you at Webster Hall on March 22. 


The screaming females are a local band. To see them on NPR just kind of made my morning! Love seeing good musicians getting recognition.


sometimes music effects the brain a little funny..this song had me mesmorized. perhaps its the rhythm or the fact that janelle monae, one of r&b’s most talented artists, was featured.




I have been in such a Bowie mood all week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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<3 100% true music. 100% true fun. i’d give anything to be in that little bus..


this song gave me the chills! What a creative and well executed song! 

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We are about a week and a half away from my favorite holiday of the year…so many people think christmas is about gifts but they are wrong. granted, gifts are great (I asked my Santa for some new vynals) but its really about being thankful for who is in your life and sharing good memories with people while making new spirit is all about contagious smiling. So smile people, its christmas. heres my favorite song <3 (although not very christmassy and somewhat steers away from what I am saying haha..o well makes me laugh so therefore there is a smile involved!)